Ronda Rousey receives words of encouragement from Mike Tyson

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If anyone has experienced both success and failure in the world of combat sports, its former boxing champion Mike Tyson. Tyson has come forward in support of former women’s bantamweight UFC champion Ronda Rousey who has disclosed contemplating suicide on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, after her title loss to Holly Holm.

“Iron Mike” has experienced the heaven as well as hell during his professional sports career and has spoken from his heart while giving advice to Rousey.

From being the youngest fighter ever to capture the world heavyweight title of boxing to getting knocked out to an unknown James “Buster” Douglas, Mike has seen it all.

“Everybody has a bad day at the office. She needs to focus on coming back, eventually. She can do what she wants; you need to be happy to do this stuff.” Tyson said to TMZ.

Those are some encouraging words for the Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighter and former UFC bantamweight women’s champions Ronda Rousey. The reaction from Tyson is the result of a bombshell which Rousey dropped on Ellen’s show regarding her contemplating suicide.

Tyson added that the suicide thought was just a moment in time and it will pass on. “Iron Mike” remains confident that the 135-pound former champion will eventually win the struggle.

“It’s a moment in time. She doesn’t feel that way now.” Tyson added.

Ronda Rousey may take some pointers in boxing from Tyson if she wants. When asked if he ever had any bad thoughts after a defeat, Tyson humorously replied that he had bad thoughts even after a win.

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