Rumored Felipe Anderson deal with Manchester United aimed to divert attention from Louis van Gaal?

By Peter Erick Magbanua@dakelsmb on

As both fans and the rest of the Manchester United will have to content themselves with Louis van Gaal calling the shots until the end of the season, the rumored deal with Brazilian striker Felipe Anderson was part to divert attention from the beleaguered manager.

SS Lazio president Claudio Lotito was reported to have stated that he has sold Anderson to the English side, but Lazio issued a statement on its official website dismissing all claims and that the issue was a mere fabrication.

“In reference to statements attributed to President Claudio Lotito regarding the alleged sale of the player Felipe Anderson, S Lazio precise that these are devoid of any foundation,” the statement reads.

The news broke out as it was posted over Football Italia.com that Lotito was reportedly overheard that he sold Anderson to United for €60 million ($66 million) and that Anderson was to play for the Enghlish side by the summer.

“I signed Felipe Anderson for €8m ($8.8 million) and have already re-sold him for €60 million ($66 million). Next year he’ll go to Manchester United,” Lotito reportedly said.

On the other hand, Anderson’s sister and agent Juliana Gomes stated in Citta that they are honored to be linked with United, but insisted that officials from Old Trafford have not called them nor made any offers to bring the 22-year old attacking midfielder to English soil.

“Lazio have already denied the report and I do not know anything. Felipe is still concentrated here. He works hard and has the head for the Lazio. We are honored to be approached at United but they we were never called,” Gomes added.

Manchester United has long been in the spotlight ever since their dismal performance under manager Louis van Gaal, who is reported to stay with the club until the end of the season as Jose Mourinho would not step in immediately. They have been reported to be in negotiations with other players from around the sport in a hope to salvage their already sinking figure both in the Premier League and in competitions in Europe.

Photo Courtesy: Станислав Ведмидь/Wikimedia

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