Stephen Curry Infographics: 15 games left and Warriors point god confirmed as the ‘greatest shooter ever’

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Stephen Curry Infographic

Earlier in the season, Sports Rageous released a Stephen Curry Infographic showing how the Golden State Warriors point guard god is on pace to become the greatest shooter the NBA has seen.

With 15 games left in their regular season, Curry has already set (or re-established, if it was his own record that he shattered) the three-points records in league history.

In short, Steve Kerr could choose to rest Curry for the rest of the regular season and Curry will still be remembered for a regular season when he established himself as the greatest shooter ever in the history of the league.

All stats as of March 16 games in the NBA:

SR Infographics_Stephen Curry March

SR Infographics_Stephen Curry March

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