Super Bowl 50: LeBron James takes his pick. Panthers or Broncos?

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NBA Superstar and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ own LeBron James is an avid fan of the NFL. Some say that he will be a superstar in the NFL if James wanted to focus on football instead of basketball.

James expressed his excitement in Bleacher Report’s Uninterrupted segment on the upcoming Super Bowl 50 event.

“I’m excited and I can’t wait for the 6:30 kick off with the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos,” said James. “You got Peyton (Manning), you got Cam (Newton), both defenses are playing out of control.”



For this Super Bowl, James was sort-of forced by social media to air out his prediction but he, himself had a hard time picking from both teams.

“I dont know if I quite got a prediction but I definitely want to see a great Super Bowl,” said James.

“But if there was a life or death situation and I had to choose one team, and one player, I got to go with Killer Cam. Got to go with the Carolina Panthers. They have been playing the most consistent football for all year round, both offensively and defensively (with) special teams. Got to go with Cam (Newton).”

Aside from Cam Newton, James expressed his support for Panthers wide receiver, Ted Ginn, Jr.

“I got one of my boys to play for them as well, Tad n jr, that had been playing well for them all year.”

Despite picking the Panthers to win, James also expressed his appreciation to the Denver Broncos as a well deserving team to be in the Super Bowl.

“No disrespect to the Broncos. I love their team. They got the legendary quarterback, they got that defense that is out of control, they got receivers that are balling as well, they are really well coached as well and that is the reason why they are in the Super Bowl. But, I’m rolling with the Carolina Panthers today.”


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