Super Bowl 50 LIVE in space for astronaut Scott Kelly

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Super Bowl 50 LIVE in space for Astronaut Scott Kelly

Super Bowl 50 is so massive that even planet earth is not enough for its broadcast. Many all over the world have figured out how to watch the annual extravaganza.

Astronaut Scott Kelly seems to have surpassed everyone in terms of the coolness quotient. He is watching the game from outer space, from the International Space Station.

During the first half of the Super Bowl 50, Kelly made a tweet which featured a picture of him having a Super Bowl “party”. The 51-year-old is based on a year-long mission in the ISS but is surely doing it in style.

Kelly may not have a giant screen to watch the game, but will be among the very few in the world who can claim of seeing the Super Bowl in space. Kelly also posted a picture of the Levis Stadium.

“Hosted #SuperBowl party on @space_station, but no one showed up. I would have served nachos! #YearInSpace” Commander Kelly joked on his Twitter account.

It may not have been a complete experience for Kelly since he was watching the Super Bowl 50 at 17,500 MPH. However, being able to experience one of the biggest sporting showcases in the world in space is an extraordinary achievement indeed.

Kelly arrived in the space station in March 2015 and is almost done with his mission in space. It has to be noted that NASA has had more influences over NFL than just premiering games in space. It has given the sport protective foam and wireless radios in helmets.

Kelly will surely have a fantastic story to tell his grandchildren one day.

Picture courtesy: twitter.com/StationCDRKelly

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