Tennis News: Rafael Nadal would have already fired him as coach if he’s not his uncle, admits Toni Nadal

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Rafael Nadal bows out in semis of 2016 Argentina Open (Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons)

After Rafael Nadal got eliminated early at the 2016 Australian Open, there were calls from Nadal fans and critics that the former World No. 1 should fire tennis coach and uncle Toni Nadal so he can return to top form.

Toni admitted in a recent interview that being related to Rafael Nadal is probably what is saving him from getting fired in his job as a tennis coach.

“I had the luck to be his uncle, changing coach was much more difficult. If I were not his uncle probably he would have substituted me,” Toni Nadal admitted via Tennis World USA.

“I didn’t take (the best out of) Rafael, he only did it. In tennis, it’s the player who makes the coach and not vice versa.”

In 2015, the uncle and long-time trainer of Nadal admitted that coaching change is a possibility for the 2016 tennis season if Rafael continues to struggle.

Rafael Nadal appears to have no plans in changing his uncle as coach but there are calls for Nadal to hire a new face in his team. Veteran tennis mentor Nick Bollettieri advised Nadal to hire tennis legend Andre Agassi as coach to help out Toni.

Meantime, Toni Nadal will continue to coach Nadal and has some advice for him in future tournaments.

“I would have liked to see him hitting his forehand forward, we have done it when he was little. But when we started to play in the Professional Tour, Rafael started to hit ball a little bit later, and started to bring the hand behind,” Toni added.

Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons

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