UFC Fight Night 81: Dillashaw Cries Foul on Judges Decision

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The UFC Fight Night 81 held in Boston saw a hard-hitting match between Dominick Cruz and T.J Dillashaw that saw them fighting till the fifth round on Sunday night.

Both of them took home an additional $50,000 for their five round title fight. However, the man to take the belt home was Cruz who won the fight by a split decision (49-46, 46-49, 48-47).

However, Dillashaw is yet to come to terms with reality and as MMA Fighting reports, Cruz believes that it is he who actually should have won the fight.

“You know, Dominick’s a very good fighter,” Dillashaw said during the UFC Fight Night 81 post-fight press conference. “I do feel like I won the fight. You know, just pressure alone and controlling the Octagon and landing bigger strikes. I know he got a few takedowns, but I don’t really feel like they should be scored that great, three seconds control total.”

“It’s tough man. It’s a tough one to take. I definitely didn’t perform my best, either. I knew I maybe threw a little too hard…and thinking back on it, yeah, I messed up. But I still, I still think I won that fight.”

The last ten minutes of the match were dominated by Dillashaw but in the end Cruz was declared the winner. Dillashaw now regrets that he might have let some opportunities slip by resulting to his loss.

“I think I waited a little too much, I should have pushed for the finish,” he said according to the MMA Fighting report. “I know I rocked him a couple of times in those later rounds, I landed some big shots. I should have set it up and pushed for that finish.”

Without mincing words, Dillashaw though didn’t fail to attack Cruz over their trash talks.

“It sucks [losing],” he said. “This isn’t fun. My goal was to win coming into this. Real tough. Tough to take it. I didn’t like all the trash talk leading in. I feel like I’m a little more of a role model. But that’s somebody else’s, uh…somebody else’s…I don’t know. It’s tough.”


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