UFC News: Herb Dean gives an explanation on the controversial Bisping-Silva match

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Jul 18, 2015; Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland; Michael Bisping lines up a shot against Thales Leites at The SSE Hydro. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night 84 ended with Michael Bisping prevailing over Anderson Silva in a 5-round war which was ended with a unanimous decision win.

Along comes the controversy and talks on what really happened in that third round. For those who have not seen it, it seemed that Michael Bisping is already falling down but instead of stopping the fight, referee Herb Dean saw that his mouthpiece was not in place and the fight had to resume after Bisping fell down. All the while, the former UFC Champion, Anderson Silva thought that he already had the match to himself.

Heab Dean explains:

“That’s the way the mechanic works, is that you replace the mouthpiece during a lull in the action and [Bisping] signaled once, and Anderson was actually in the process of attacking him. For a lot of reasons that are pretty evident you can’t stop to replace the mouthpiece during a heated exchange, and that qualified as a heated exchange.”

“If we were doing that, we’d have guys getting their bell rung, spitting out the mouthpiece to get a little extra time or sometimes you’re feeling a little tired, just spit your mouthpiece out. So obviously we can’t do that in the middle of an exchange.”

Even though Bisping was ahead coming to the third round, some people speculated – even Dana White – that Silva already won the fight. Still, Silva would like to have a rematch soon with Bisping to settle the score.

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