UFC News: Jose Aldo wants rematch with Conor McGregor, interested in spot at UFC 200

Weeks after the “turning down” issue, Jose Aldo finally clears the air and explained his side of the coin. UFC president Dana White has been insisting that they called Aldo and Frankie Edgar to replace Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC 196 but the offer was turned down.

Speaking through MMA Hour, Aldo clarified that when White called his manager Andre Pedemeiras he had just gone back to training and that turning down the fight was the right decision then. But stressed that he is willing to fight McGregor again

“Any professional needs time to train. It’s not a cockfight where I go there and put my rooster to fight. It’s a high-level sport, I’m going there to do my job. When I have time to train, it can happen at any time, anywhere,” Aldo said.

He also slammed his critics that he does not deserve a title shot again or even a rematch with McGregor stating that he deserves a rematch and a title shot when he returns to the Octagon. He adds that they are closely working with the UFC for his next fight.

“I can’t speak for others, and I don’t care what they say. I know I deserve an immediate rematch. People who say I don’t, I don’t care about them. The important is what the UFC thinks and what we think. We came to the conclusion that we’re having an immediate rematch. I know I will win again,” Aldo added.

Aside from the rematch with McGregor, Aldo added that he wants a spot at UFC 200 that will take place on July 9.

“I want to fight at UFC 200. It’s a historical edition, a great event. I would like to be part of it,” Aldo stressed.

Before losing to McGregor in December last year, Aldo was undefeated in 18 fights, reigning as a world champion in the WEC and UFC for six years.

Photo Courtesy: Maddox/Wikimedia

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