UFC News: Rockhold announces rematch with Weidman on UFC 199

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With all the excuses heard, Luke Rockhold announces that the rematch with Chris Weidman is now set for UFC 199.

“The rematch with Weidman is set,” Rockhold told Bloody Elbow.

“I believe at UFC 199. It should be June 4 or so. I’m looking forward to it.”

With Rockhold’s win, Weidman was unleashing a series of excuses on why they lost. All of which, was not believed by Rockhold and a win is a win.

“I think [the broken foot] is a joke. They know my situation. I came in with an infection on antibiotics and I still whipped his ass.”

The excuses, one of which included blaming Herb Dean, got Rockhold tired of listening and promised everyone that he will finish the rematch fight quicker.

“Like I said to his manager just now, Weidman goes down in two [rounds]. I’ll put him away in half the time. I almost feel bad about this next one. It’s going to be bad.”

The win didn’t really sink in to the fans, Rockhold was very much aware of that and he insisted that this rematch should happen for him to prove to the world that he clearly won the match.

“People, for some reason, think it was a close fight,” said Rockhold.

“I don’t think so. I think I was controlling it the whole way and I really don’t see it any different the next time around. I wasn’t at my peak performance. Chris wants to say he was at 10 to 20 [percent]. When I beat him again, what’s he going to say? He’s at two percent? Three percent? I’m looking forward to getting in there and putting an ending on that one. I’m going to end it with an exclamation point.”

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