Who is Winifer Fernandez: The hottest sports star to break the internet is in volleyball but won’t be in Rio 2016 [PHOTOS INSIDE]

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Photo courtesy: Instagram/winiferfernandez2

Volleyball is not one of the most popular sports in the world but one player from the Dominican Republic, Winifer Fernandez, could change that after she “broke the Internet” earlier this week.

Images and videos of the 21-year-old libero made the rounds this week making her one of the top searched athletes in sports lately.

According to her profile at clubworldchampionships.com, Winifer Fernandez, whose full name is Winifer Maria Fernandez Perez, was born January 1, 1995 and has a listed height of 169 cm (or about 5-foot-7) and weight of 62 kilos (or 136.6 pounds).

Winifer Fernandez has played in 15 World Championship matches for her country plus 45 other international volley competitions. Unfortunately for her new fans, the Dominican Republic women’s volleyball national team did not qualify for Rio 2016.

Winifer Fernandez played for club team Cien Fuego and Mirador in the local league and she represented her country at the recent Women’s World Club Championships in Zurich in 2015. Fernandez was born Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

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While Winifer Fernandez won’t be playing in Rio 2016, sports fans now have made her a household name as she was one of the trending topics on Twitter:

Winifer Fernandez’s photos from her Instagram account:

Photo courtesy: Instagram/winiferfernandez2

Photo courtesy: Instagram/winiferfernandez2

Fernandez 2

Photo courtesy: Instagram/winiferfernandez2

And some videos of Winifer Fernandez while playing volleyball:

Winifer Fernandez is also a member of her national team’s Under 23 squad and the senior NT and is one of the liberos along with mainstay Brenda Castillo.

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All Photos courtesy: Instagram/winiferfernandez2

Video Courtesy: YouTube/MerkinMuffly

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