Astroneer: The game that can dethrone No Man’s Sky

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A lot of fans have been disappointed with No Man’s Sky after reportedly being misled by its developers. Just recently, a similar game called Astroneer has been released and there are predictions already that says it will be the game that will knock No Man’s Sky.

Astroneer is a multiplayer game developed by System Era for XBox One. According to its official website, players take the role of future space explorers hired by the big conglomerate called Exo Dynamics. Players compete with each other in finding gold with hopes of fame and fortune.

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“Excavate and deform the land, uncover precious resources, jury-rig equipment to suit your taste and need, create industrial scale extraction and manufacturing facilities, and locate rare items and artifacts. Contribute to the survival of Earth-based humankind, and get rich along the way,” the description says.

It also describes the terrain with vast landscapes and different atmospheres which are procedurally generated but not all of it. According to TechTimes, many parts of the game have been handcrafted by the developers themselves.

The description gives a hint what it really means to the players. It says that the world is your Play-Doh wherein you can fashion and mold terrains and landscapes to your liking. For example, as seen in the trailer, the player seems to have the ability to build a bridge that allows them to cross the other side of the cliff. There is also an option where players can dig holes through planets using a special kind of gun.

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Those who are expecting graphics which have the same scale as No Man’s Sky, Astroneer can be a disappointment. However, if you base it on gameplay, it can give No Man’s Sky a run for its money. As of now, it’s too early to make a prediction for that.

Astroneer is set to be released in December and will be available on Steam. There will also be an Early Access game the same day it is up on Steam.

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