Battlefield 5 Rumors: New game coming this year

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Battlefield 4

Several fans have been waiting for the release of the much-awaited “Battlefield 5”, but until now, details about the game has remained scarce. The publisher, EA games, has remained tight-lipped about Battlefield 5.

But now, there are new reports that claimed that it is highly possible for Battlefield 5 to be set in World War 1 era. A leak was posted on forum site NeoGAF earlier today by a guy who goes by the name “Livingskeletons”, and this post consists of a series of interesting images. Could this be the much-awaited Battlefield 5?

At this point, users still have no idea if this is a reliable source or not. Two of the images, which seem to be unfinished invitations of some sort of a game, suggesting a game called Battlefield 5: Eastern Front is scheduled to be released on June 12. Upon closer inspection it seems that this alleged leak referring to something, a possible WW 1 setting but a futuristic one.

In an earlier report made by Parent Herald, suggest the Battlefield 5 will definitely set in WW 1, speculations came shortly after a certain guy named Liam Robertson posted in Twitter some sort of listing of the upcoming games. In the post, Battlefield 5 was indicated as a shooting game that I set during the World War 1. But fans got confused when it removed, this suggests that the post was made just to spill so much information about the upcoming battlefield 5 and draw too much attention. Some report said that it could be just a mere error.

If this game leak were to be trusted, it would appear that EA Games is readying the new game on June 12 during its EA Play event. EA has already announced not long ago that it will not have a booth at E3 this year. Instead, it hints a separate event for all its latest project and that could be the EA Play. The three-day event will overlap a bit with an E3 final day, this sets a perfect time for EA to draw many press attention and launch the upcoming game.

While some people think that this could just be another media stunts and rumors to keep the buzz for the upcoming game, several players think that this is highly possible since this is not the first time that Battlefield 5 is reported to be in the WW 1 setting. As a matter of fact, IMDb, the world’s, most popular authoritative source for TV, movie and celebrity contents, has recently listed the game with the titled “Battlefield 5: Armageddon”.

The internet movie database wrote a short description about Battlefield 5 saying that it is about a soldier who fighting for Japan, but details about the upcoming game have been taken down.

Publisher EA Games previously announced that it will work on upcoming game Battlefield 5 and that new game is said to be arriving this year. But the exact date for its release has not been announced yet.

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