Best Black Friday 2016 Deals for Consoles, Video Games and Accessories

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Black Friday 2016 (Photo Courtesy: InspiredImages/Pixabay)

It is that time of the year again when gamers and would be gamers empty their pockets as Black Friday has arrived. Here are some of the best Black Friday 2016 deals for video game consoles, video games and video game accessories.

Best Video Game Console Black Friday 2016 Deals

These deals are for people looking to buy consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. 500 GB PlayStation 4 Slim will only be $250 on Black Friday. You can buy them at Best Buy, Costco, GameStop, Toys R Us, and Walmart.

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On the other hand, Microsoft has better deals on Xbox One consoles. Xbox One S 500 GB models can be bought for only $249. For more information on the Xbox Black Friday deals, please visit their official website.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is not offering much for this year’ Black Friday.  However, the new Nintendo 3DS are on sale for only $99.99 in Target, Toys R Us and Walmart.

Best Video Game Black Friday 2016 Deals

The PlayStation Store (h/t Polygon) will have a big sale until November 29. Games like Batman: The Telltale Games Series, Overwatch and a whole bunch of other titles are 50 percent off for PS Plus subscribers.

Microsoft also has a similar deal for their Xbox Live Gold members. As for PC gamers, Steam has more than 1,200 games on sale on the Steam Store. Origin and Blizzard are also giving discounts for their games.

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Best Video Game Accessories Black Friday 2016 Deals

Best Buy and GameStop have great deals on PlayStation users who want the PlayStation Dual Shock 4. As for Microsoft users, they are offering great deals on custom controllers and headsets.

Finally, gamers can also buy a new TV on great deals with Amazon and Best Buy. The Samsung KS8000 is at $899 on Amazon while the 2016 Vizio P is only $799 at Best Buy.

Photo Courtesy: InspiredImages/Pixabay

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