‘Call of Duty 2016’ confirmed release date and title, ‘Bloodlines’ for Nintendo NX anticipated

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Call of Duty (Photo courtesy: Activision/Wikimedia Commons)

Activision’s relative success over “Call of Duty Black Ops 3” will somehow be challenged by another COD installment.  The “Call of Duty” 2016 installment is speculated to be entitled “Bloodlines,” which is rumored to be released in the coming fall.

According to leaked information, “Bloodlines” will be the launch title for another rumored upcoming gaming console of Nintendo, the Nintendo NX.  The said information was revealed by a famous leaker or leakster, who goes by the name of “Geno.”

“Activision plans on bringing Skylanders at launch to the NX along with the next “Call of Duty” game called “Bloodlines” in Fall 2016,”Geno stated via dualpixels.

This surfacing rumor about an upcoming “Call of Duty 2016” installment somehow makes sense especially that Activision is somehow following a trend when it comes to its releases. It can be observed that since the first release of “Call of Duty in 2003”, Activision has released follow-up series every single year, thus making the rumor entirely relevant and plausible.

There is almost no question about the great possibility of another COD release this year. However, the one that is firmly being challenged by some reports is the validity of “Call of Duty” in another Nintendo platform.  Keshav of Charlieintel, introduced some loopholes on the speculated Activision-Nintendo partnership for “Call of Duty.”

“It could be another studio handling the development of that, but after
Call of Duty: Ghosts”, Activision has not released a shooter title for any Nintendo platforms… “Call of Duty” has never really succeeded on Nintendo’s platform” Keshav stipulated.

Aside from citing the previous result of the collaboration of Nintendo and Activision for “Call of Duty” that gained fewer audiences worldwide, Keshav also pointed the irrelevance to the game title, Bloodlines, to the naming scheme for COD.

“While this leaker may have previous accurate leaks, we do not think this is true. Calling a “Call of Duty” title “Bloodlines” just seems odd. It does not really match up with any naming schemes for “Call of Duty’s” before, and with a name like that, it’s hard to explain what the game is,” Keshav added.

The person behind the rumor may have proven itself over the past years, but with a more sensible critique to the leaked information, it seems like gaming fans would just have to wait for the official statement from the developer itself.

Photo Courtesy: Activision/ Wikimedia

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