Civilization 6 Cheats and Tips: Basic guide to achieve Culture Victory

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Civilization 6 was again welcomed in the gaming industry with great reception and acclaim and fans have been addicted to the franchise since then. Since its release on Oct 21, various strategies, tips, tricks and cheats have been given to help guide players in achieving Domination, Religious and Culture victories.

This report is going to focus more on achieving a Culture Victory and in order to win one in the world strategy game developed by Firaxis Games, a basic guide is made to help players to achieve the goal.

Create a Civ According to the Best Culture Victory Leaders 

The best way to get a Culture victory is to create a civ based on the best culture victory leaders in Civilization 6, according to a report by Now Loading. There are three very best civilizations to choose from to achieve this goal and they are Greece, America and France.

Greece, with a leader in Pericles, has one extra Wildcard policy slot in any government and an added +5% Culture points for each of its city-state. With the Acropolis and the Suzerain bonuses, Greece has the strongest passive Culture perks in the game.

America, meanwhile, earns all government legacy bonuses in half the usual time due to its founding fathers and leader Teddy Roosevelt. Its units have a +5 Combat Strength on its home continent and a +1 Appeal to all tiles in a city with a National Park.

Lastly, France led by Catherine De’ Medici, produces a good spy to do espionage works and easily gets extra information from every civilization. It adds Tourism point for every Wonder constructed and also gains a bonus after constructing mid-game Wonders.

Espionage and Looting Add More Chances of Winning

In Civilization 6, espionage and looting allow players to have an edge over other civilizations. By stealing great works, crippling theater squares and weaken international tourism, players can get to the top of the World Rankings pretty quick. However, an investment on military, espionage and other essential elements to attack and defend a Civ must be made first.

Theater Buildings Rake More Culture Points

According to Forbes, players need more Theater building to get high Culture points. Thus, investments must be made in getting Sydney Opera House, Hermitage, Bolshoi Theater and Broadway, in order to provide more spaces for cultural works.

Museums are a great way to swap masterpieces to other cultures but players must have a full-pledged trade on the leader screen. The Forbidden City gives an additional Wildcard policy slot and +5 Culture point while Chichen Itza provides bonus points for rainforests.

Build an Eiffel Tower and Christ the Redeemer

The main goal of achieving a Culture Victory is to create more visitors so players must focus on creating attractions and Wonders. Compared to other Civs, it will be best to expand the borders for building space of Wonders.

An Eiffel Tower gives a +2 Appeal to every tile in the city and that will make players build more Seaside resorts which in turn provide +2 Appeal in Tourism. An additional attraction in Christ the Redeemer doubles the international visitors to boost Tourism. In turn, it will generate more points in Tourism and Culture to acquire a victory.

Invest More on Archaeologists

In order to get ahead of the game, players must choose from the four symbolical buildings: Broadcast Center that holds great musical scores, the Amphitheater that houses great work of writing, the Archaeological Museum that traces the history of the player’s Civ and the Art Museum for impeccable works of art.

Archaeologists are a wise investment for they cost less gold than an investment in artists. They get important historical pieces such as shipwreck resources and artifacts, among others.

Place Wonders Close To The Theatre Square

The Theater Square is the ultimate source of musician, writer and artist points, including culture generation, so it must be set up as soon as possible. Placing Wonders in close proximity of the Theater Square increases its yield and gain +2 culture to every citizen.

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