Civilization 6 DLC Packs: Five biggest Civs the players have been missing

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Civilization 6 is a stunning strategy game and a beacon for the genre that will influence real-life board games and PC strategy games for years to come. Sid Meier’s latest installment in the Civilization series builds a new kind of game on the backbones of Civilization 5, a game that it shares a lot in common with.

The turn-based 4x video game is shepherded by Firaxis Games and lead designer Ed Beach, and it comes very close to being the best game in the entire series, and only time will tell if it will get the crown.

The release of Civilization 6 was met with generally rave reviews albeit one problem: the initial 21 civilizations are very Europe-centric and the big civilizations from outside Europe are missing, including the top series regulars.

Just like Civilization 5, the latest installment will probably get a DLC or expansion of some kind, or a bit of both, as the game is lacking especially in Asia and the New World, according to iDigital Times. The following are biggest civs the players have been missing:


From Civilization 1 to 4, Persia has been a series regular in every Civilization game. Persian immortals are a staple of the series and its absence from the latest installment of Civilization series becomes one of the game’s shocking oversight besides the lack of an Earth map.

Add to the fact that Persia is one of the oldest civilizations in the entire world and the Achaemenid Empire was the biggest in history at that time, according iTech Post.

Carthage, Mali or Ethiopia

Aside from the series perennial Zulu, Africa got a new star in Kongo in Civilization 6. Africa is still lightly represented with only Kongo and Egypt. Both the sub-Saharan area and the Mediterranean African region could use another civilization, and the possible choices are Mali or Ethiopia in the South and Carthage in the north.

Southeast Asian Empire

Civilization 6 had just a handful of Asian civilizations and most notably fewer in Southeast Asia. The Asian civilizations in Civ 6 are limited only to Sumeria, India, Arabia, Japan and China and that leaves huge gaps in Western Asia as there is no Persia and the Turks, or Korea and anyone at all from Southeast Asia.

The huge gap should be filled with DLC and there are plenty of options. Civ 5 had Indonesia and Siam, and Civ IV had the Khmer Empire and could also go with the Philippines, Malaysia or Vietnam.

Central or South American Civilization

Civilization 6 needs more New World civilizations as the game only has the Aztec Empire and they are only available as pre-order bonus or free time-locked DLC, according to iDigital Times. The game should add a New World civilization from Central or South America and that basically means the Mayan Empire or the Inca Empire.

North America or North of Mexico Civilization

Civilization 6 should add in either a DLC or as an expansion another New World civilization from North America north of Mexico specifically a native American tribe. In the past Civilization games, players have seen the Shoshone, the Sioux, the Iroquois and a generalized Native American empire. Civ 6 has a vast option of choices on native American tribes.

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