Civilization 6 Release Date Update: Trailer, gameplay revealed at E3 2016

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Civilization 6
A screenshot from the coming game “Civilization 6” (photo courtesy of Firaxis Games/2K Games)

At the ongoing E3 2016 “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6” has much of its details revealed by 2K Games. At the closed-door presentation 2K Games has shown the trailer as well as some of the gameplay for “Civilization 6.” As expected, there are changes coming with the new game.

Peter Murray of developer Firaxis Games led the presentation, as notes. During the presentation he has also said that it is the 25th anniversary of the “Civilization” game series. Much of the changes involve its research aspect as well as the visual changes, compared to the earlier games in the series.

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HardcoreGamer has detailed more on the changes in the game. Cities in “Civilization 6” now cover multiple tiles, making them much bigger than in previous “Civilization” games. Customization is also possible now for the city-states made. This will go well for places, especially where there is an uneven terrain.

Also featured in “Civilization 6” is 12 districts for players to choose for their cities. These districts would include a religious district and an academic one. A city can’t possibly have all 12 districts so players will have to plan out well on how their city will be and what districts they want to put in it. Careful planning will have to be made as putting a district in a certain place can unlock a bonus. These bonuses will determine how fast a player’s city might progress.

Combat will also be different in “Civilization 6” as compared to the previous games in the series. Now, a player might lose a district when a city is attacked . Losing districts will result in loss of a city’s power and prestige. Units in the game can also be stacked so that combining units can then help form a much larger unit.

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China was the civilization used during the “Civilization 6” presentation. During the demo, it was shown how time would pass in the game with the sun actually rising and setting. It was also shown how various units like farmers and traders can help in making a city progress.

“Civilization 6” is scheduled to come out on Oct. 21. It would be available for PC through Steam. So far the civilizations announced for the game include China, Egypt, America and Japan. Each civilization will also have its own leader, as for instance Pres. Theodore Roosevelt would be for America while Cleopatra would be for Egypt.

Photo courtesy: Firaxis Games/2K Games

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