Gaming news: ‘Civilization 6’ will have the new Envoy system

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Civilization 6
A screenshot from the coming game “Civilization 6” (photo courtesy of Firaxis Games/2K Games)

“Civilization 6” is a new game for the “Civilization” series of simulation games. For the new game in the series, there will be the new Envoy system as well. The new Envoy system lets a city-state contest for influence over other states. However, the new system would be much more efficient for the player as it will not make the use of money or units to do so.

The Bit Bag states that the new system in “Civilization 6” is an improvement to it. The game overall has improvements over the previous releases. One of those improvements is the Envoy system. This system is used in building relationships with other states. Not all the time would a state use warfare to have influence or use economical means to do so. Diplomacy is more the key in the Envoy system.

Not only will the Envoy system be used by the player, but other city states will also use it to win favor with the player’s own state. This way there would then be a real political setting in motion as states try to vie for recognition with each other. Alliances can then be made or else rivalries formed with the system.

Unlike in “Civilization 5” the Envoy system in “Civilization 6” will not require much money. In the previous game, the influence was made through the use of gold. Gold was used as a leverage to get more influence with another state. In “Civilization 6” a player can send out envoys to other states. Once there is enough allegiance to the player’s state, the player can then become a Suzerain over all the other states that he has influence in.

“Civilization 6” was supposed to come out last year but has been set back by a year. The new release date is said to be on Oct. 21, 2016, for the PC as Wikipedia states. There are plans as well to have a Linux and OS X ports of the game.

Photo courtesy: Firaxis Games/2K Games

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