Clash of Clans 2016 Latest News: Big updates, new features and release date

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clash of clans
Photo courtesy: Official GDC/Flickr

First released in 2012, Clash of Clans has been one of the top games to ever grace our mobile devices. The game’s popularity span from all corners of the world gaining millions of gamers. However, competition has been very tough in the world of mobile games especially for Clash of Clans.

With the undeniable popularity of Pokemon Go, the developers of Clash of Clans has announced a new massive update and will likely happen around third week of September.

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According to Movie News Guide, here are some of the game’s new features that loyal users can expect to see in this month’s update:

  1. Game Mode. The game will see a new game mode aside from Friendly Challenge, Money Player and Single-player. Aside from a new mode, the current game modes of the game will likely have some changes, too.
  2. Balancing Features. Supercell is aiming for a balanced gameplay and wants to carry out the fun for its gamers.
  3. Changes to Town Hall 1 to 11. Clash of Clans fans can expect a more difficult and powerful levels from Town Hall 1 to 11.
  4. Gem Mines. According to speculations, Supercell will add a reward system for the game. This means that accomplishing tasks will fill up gem reserves. This update also gives the newbies an easier gameplay as they can easily keep up with the competition.

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In an article posted by GameNGuide, requests have also been recognized by the developer and will likely come with the update. One particular request is the Auto-Save feature. This feature will save players time as well as for Idle Workers for construction.

With this month’s update from Supercell, fans can only expect big features and these features will likely lift up the game’s fan base and get right back on track in the competition.

Photo courtesy: Official GDC/Flickr


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