Clash of Clans September Updates unveil ‘Clan Challenge’ enabling clans to arrange wars; Supercell giving permanently banned players second chance

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Supercell, the developer of the popular iOS and Android game Clash of Clans, stood firm with its decision to permanently ban gamers who are using multiple accounts, third party applications and violating the rules of the game. However, some people who said that they are innocent were also affected by the action.

Since 2012, Clash of Clans is still considered as one of the most popular games on iOS and Android devices. Due to popularity, most gamers do their best to be the best player in the game. However, some of them chose to play in it with the easiest way.

Months after Clash of Clans was released, third party applications and cheats continued to circulate that enables the players to become stronger in the fastest way. Third party applications like Bots and Mods made gold, an elixir, and dark elixir farming easier.

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Also, gems used in buying resources, upgrading heroes, and instantly finishing the construction of the buildings can be bought at a cheaper price from a person who knows the cheat.

Unfortunately, the Supercell became stricter in implementing the rule and started to ban players who continue to violate the game’s policy. Before they started the banning, some clashers chose to quit after finding the game ‘boring’ because of people who were not fair in playing the game.

With the recent action of Supercell, they are expected to encourage fair gamers to play Clash of Clans again. In the Supercell forum, there are ‘innocent gamers’ complaining that they are also banned without knowing the reason.

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The gamers tried to reach out the developer but receive no answer that increased their frustrations. As of now, the Supercell has been yet to release their statement regarding their step-by-step process of temporary or permanent banning gamers.

According to iTechPost, the Supercell is currently working on the September updates that will let players arranged wars also known as ‘Clan Challenge’. Also, reports said that Clash of Clans September updates will be giving free gems, changes in loot and penalty system, and town hall rules change.

Photo courtesy: Supercell

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