Clash of Clans update: New features include reward system similar to Pokemon GO; ClashCon cancelled so Supercell can focus on updates

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Clash of Clans update

The upcoming update for Clash of Clans have fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation for much needed changes in the popular app. According to reports, these improvements will include new goodies like free gems, rewards and other similar features.

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Another update that the app’s developer, Supercell, is working on is the Clan Challenge which will allow users to pit their clans against other players.

“With Clan Challenges, Clans will be able issue a friendly War request to any other Clan daring to accept the challenge!” announced Supercell in their Clash of Clans forum. “Choose war participants, set the duration of preparation/battle days and send your Clan Challenge request! As soon as the opposing Clan accepts the request, preparation day will begin.”

The developer also made it clear that the feature will not be replacing Clan Wars, but is simply meant as an upgrade to offer better support for events, meet-ups and online or offline Community activities.

Clash of Clans free gems feature similar to Pokemon GO

The reported free gems feature will follow a similar system to Pokemon GO, wherein players will be rewarded for certain actions and activities they undertake in the game. The upgrade will also feature gem mining which will allow gamers to build structures in their camps without the need to pay out with actual cash.

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Although some sources are also warning that the developer will be implementing stricter rules on looting and a penalty system will also be set in place. Further details will be released as the scheduled update comes closer.

Lastly, changes will also be seen in the game’s Town Halls, which according to sources will be “beneficial to new players.” But similar to most of the speculated changes, gamers will find out more as the September update gets nearer.

ClashCon 2016 cancelled so team can focus on Clash of Clans updates

Hopefully, these updates will be worth the wait and the cancellation of ClashCon 2016 which took many fans by surprise. From the looks of things, the annual event was postponed all for the sake of working on the upcoming improvements.

“Part of working in small teams means sometimes saying no to things we badly want to do. Unfortunately, this year, we have to say no to ClashCon,” stated Supercell in their media release about the cancellation of ClashCon. “The best way to thank our players is to stay focused on the things that benefit the entire Clash community: improvements and additions to the games and experiences that players everywhere can enjoy.”

For more news on Clash of Clans, stay tuned.

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