Dark Souls III DLC released ahead of schedule: How to access Ashes of Ariandel

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Dark Souls III DLC
Dark Souls III DLC

Just hours ago, Xbox One owners with a season pass were (accidentally) given a treat when Bandai Namco made the mistake of making the latest Dark Souls III DLC available ahead of its supposed release date.

According to Gamespot, several players with the season pass had reported on Reddit that they were able to download the Ashes of Ariandel DLC without any hitch. The website went on to test the rumor themselves and ended up successfully downloading the DLC.

Based on their report, it was as easy as searching for the game in the Xbox One store, and then simply clicking the install button.

“I thought it wasn’t supposed to come out till the 25th, but it’s working on my Xbox in offline mode,” said one Reddit user who also shared photos of the game.

Dark Souls 3 DLC

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Accessing the Dark Souls III DLC: Ashes of Ariandel

In the gameplay itself, though, players must look for an NPC located in the Cathedral of the Deep. Once inside, the NPC is hard not to miss as he should be kneeling just beside the altar and in between the area’s massive doors.

Chat with the NPC and gamers will be given a piece of a painting, and will eventually be transported into the land of Ariandel.

Since the unexpected release of the game, though, Bandai Namco has already corrected the error, and reset the release of the DLC to October 24, 2016. The company also released a statement regarding the mistake.

“Due to a logistical error, the Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel DLC was made available for download for a short period of time for Xbox One players. We have since corrected this scheduling error and the Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel DLC will now be available on October 24, 2016, at 3 PM PDT for Steam players and October 24, 2016, at 9 PM PDT for console players. We regret any confusion this may have caused to players and Dark Souls III fans; we look forward to seeing everyone within the world of Ariandel.”

So while the lucky few already have their hands on the Dark Souls III DLC, unfortunately, the rest of the world will have to wait. But then again, what’s another three (or two) days.

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Kearns/ Flickr

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