DayZ PS4, Xbox One Release Date Update: Developer to be present at RTX in Austin to discuss about 0.61 build

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Photo courtesy: Dean Hall ‘Rocket”/

Bohemia Interactive, game developer of DayZ teased the gamers with a current-generation version of the game. This raised expectations among the audience for a PS4 and Xbox One release. The reports suggested that the PS4 version would be a standalone one with features that will be unique only for console gaming.

However, two years has passed since the declaration and gamers are yet to discover the DayZ PS4 and Xbox One release date. It has been confirmed though, that the new console version won’t be a modded ARMA 2 ported on the console, according to Christian Times.

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“DayZ has its roots in the most unlikely of places. An idea that grew out of nowhere kindled and nurtured by its own community. That amazing community grows a little today…announcing a PlayStation 4 edition in under three years.” Dean Hall, designer of the game said, two years ago.

The game developer promised the fans that a console version would be available in the market during the first quarter of 2016. However, it was later confirmed that the version won’t be sold for money since the main concern was to develop the PC game.

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Meanwhile, it was widely anticipated that Bohemia Interactive would announce a DayZ PS4, Xbox One release date at E3 2016, but it was not to be. The developer highlighted the 0.60 build at the event.

Rumors are suggesting that the console version is still in development and a release date will soon be declared. But, nothing official has been suggested by the company yet.

Meanwhile, a new developer update has been made regarding DayZ suggesting that the developers are moving towards a 0.60 hotfix for the most critical issues while angling towards a 0.61 build.

“I’ll be at RTX in Austin, Texas early next month to talk about 0.61 and show some early representations of some of the systems, as well as recap 0.60, and what was achieved there.” Biran Hicks, Creative Director said on the official website.

Photo courtesy: Dean Hall ‘Rocket”/

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