Destiny 2 updates: Storyline, worlds will be different from Destiny 1

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Destiny: Rise of Iron has gained a lot of following that its sequel, Destiny 2 is highly anticipated. There are not a lot of words about the game’s sequel except that it will be released in 2017; however, this does not stop rumor mills from churning.
According to the latest rumors, Destiny 2 will be available for PC. It is a common fact that Destiny 1 is only available on XBox One and PlayStation 4. If the rumors are indeed true, then it’s a welcome idea for those hardcore PC gamers.

A NeoGAF member mentioned that a friend of working at Activision confirmed that there will indeed be a PC version of the game. Jason Schreier of Kotaku seemed to agree with that news and goes so far as saying that Destiny 2 will be created from scratch, meaning that it has a very different storyline than the original. Another rumor said that Destiny 2 will be an “overhaul to fix big things.”

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Kotaku also mentioned that the development of the Destiny sequel is handled by a large group of developers both from Bungie and Vicarious Visions, which is owned by Activision. Players should be familiar with their work which can be seen in Skylander.

If the rumors that surround about Destiny 2 being a completely different game from the original, players should also expect that the characters will also be different as well as areas and activities included in the game. According to GamenGuide, the game will have a new activity model called play-in destinations that will give the game a completely different feel.

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There is also some news, flying around that Destiny 2 will be directed by the Taken King, director Luke Smith together with executive producer Mark Noseworthy.

Meanwhile, as players wait for Destiny 2, they can have their time playing Destiny: Rise of Iron which has recently undergone an expansion called Wrath of the Machine. This new raid allows players to lead a team and establish their supremacy in the Plaguelands. Once they accomplish this, they will have the honorific title Iron Lords.

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