Destiny Update: Bungie’s new hotfix addresses issues, bring back Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner immediately

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A new hotfix patch for Destiny is set to address many of the issues that plagued the game recently and caused headaches for players.

This past weekend, Destiny’s developer Bungie had to cancel Destiny’s Iron Banner event and Trials of Osiris due to a glitch that comes up from Update 2.3.0, which was deployed last Tuesday. The new update came to the game during the week of E3, a time when many were busy watching live streams and games.

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Some of the issues introduced by the Destiny 2.3.0 update include the inability to launch activities due to character data not loading properly. Character data was also not loading while having some activities, and worse of all, some players may only inflict a single point of damage to opponents while in Crucible matches.

Bungie said that the new hotfix, which already been pushed to Destiny, should fix those issues. If everything goes well, then both Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris could make a quick return, the Trials of Osiris on Friday while the Iron Banner by next week.

“Trials of Osiris may return tomorrow, ” Community Manager David “Deej” Dague said in a post, via the Bungie Weekly Update.

According to Bungie, the issues that plagued the game recently included a bug that could prevent matchmaking into an activity and weapons inflicting too little damage, or players taking too much damage from opponents in PvP. The issue appears to have come from a new feature added Destiny 2.3.0 update, which released to the game on June 14.

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In addition, Bungie’s new Hot Fix 2.3.0 also patches a few other minor bugs.

This is not the first time Bungie ran into trouble, Bungie has already made similar moves in the past, most notably with the Sunbreaker Titan, which received a small boost in the 2.3.0 update to compensate for the huge reduction in power.

The developer didn’t provide any further details about Destiny‘s fall expansion and Rise of Iron, but promises that more will be shared throughout the summer.

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