Battlefield 1 Latest Update: Four exciting multi-player maps and some medic tweaks

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Battlefield 1 fans will have more playgrounds as they battle for supremacy with the game’s newest update which includes four new multiplayer maps as well as a few tweaks.

The new maps have been announced and described in Battlefield 1’s official website. The additional maps are called Ballroom Blitz, Argonne Forest, Fao Fortress, and Suez. As their names suggest, each map has their own unique terrain and level of difficulty that will make the game experience more fun and exciting.

In Ballroom Blitz, the battlefield is a massive French Chateau situated near the Meuse River. Here players will turn what used to be a beautiful abode with exquisite chandeliers and furniture into a hellhole as they stand their ground against the advancing enemy.

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Argonne Forest is described by the game’s website as the scene for one of the bloodiest close encounters in the game. Here players will not just look out for enemies but traps that have been set up in advance as well. The forest looks like a giant maze littered with the face of death in every turn.

Fao Fortress is the site of the earliest amphibious landings made by the British Army. This beautiful peninsula is tightly secured by forces of the Ottoman Empire as it is rich in oil. The terrain here is filled with marshlands and sand dunes as armies fight to dominate the oil fields.

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Suez Canal is the historic site where the Ottoman Empire tried to seize control of the Sinai Peninsula. In this battleground, players will have to use their skills and strategy as they utilize the dunes to block the enemies from advancing and taking control of the area.

Battlefield 1 has originally six multiplayer maps, namely War Pigeons, Death Match, Operations, Rush, Conquest, and Domination. With the introduction of these four new maps, more exciting battles are sure to happen to ensure their dominance.

According to Gamepur, there are also a few tweaks made in the medics class and some issues found in the previous versions were fixed. One of these includes the syringe which is now working properly. Previously, the syringe does not work properly with the body, especially if it’s far from the death spot. Now, players won’t have any issue with this feature.

Photo Courtesy: Berduu/Flickr

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