Fallout 4 Update: Nuka World last DLC Bethesda confirmed, Bethesda working on another big project

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Bethesda Game Studios has just confirmed that Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC is the last expansion set to release for the post-apocalyptic RPG.

The Maryland-based firm is known for providing lengthy support for its releases post-launch additional content, and Fallout 4 is one big example of the company’s practice of extending its titles’ lives. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Vice President of PR and Marketing, has made the confirmation that Nuka World DLC is Fallout 4’s last DLC.

Reports said that a fan has asked Hines on his official Twitter account whether or not the Fallout 4 community should expect any more DLC packs beyond Nuka World. The tweet has prompted the Bethesda executive to state that there are no more planned after the Nuka World release. Hines responded with a simple wrote “last one”, which means that no more DLC will be planned for Fallout 4 after Nuka-World releases in August.

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At the recent E3 2016 event, Bethesda revealed three new DLC packages for Fallout 4, which include Contraptions Workshop (June 2016), Vault-Tec Workshop (July 2016), and Nuka World (to be released next month).

Nuka-World, according to the company’s description, will add an amusement park based area for players to explore. Reports said that the theme park will have multiple zones including Safari Adventure, Kiddie Kingdom, Galactic Zone, and Dry Rock Gulch, all complete with new weapons, creatures, and enemy types.

Fortunately, the Fallout 4 fans aren’t being left in the air entirely, as reports said that Bethesda will continue supporting the game through gameplay updates and bug fixes before it moves onto other grand projects.

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Naturally, not many people have expected Bethesda to continue providing DLC to Fallout 4 beyond 2016, especially since Bethesda has two upcoming untitled games in its drawing table that could rival both Skyrim and Fallout 4 in size.

Speaking of the two untitled games, Fallout 4 director Todd Howard has recently talked about some “big and crazy project” in the works. But Todd hadn’t provided any information about what’s actually happening inside the studio.

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