Fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer teases possibilities for Niantic and fans

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Fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer

After the immense global success of Pokemon GO, a rumor began swirling around that Niantic, the developer of the game, was mulling the development of a Harry Potter GO app. The developer company was quick to deny this, though, clarifying that the news was simply a ruse among muggles. Since then, more and more people have been clamoring to push through with the game with one (or a lot of them) creating a fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer to spark more demand among Potterheads.

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The fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer depicts a world that is blessed with the magic that could be Harry Potter GO, following the same gameplay as Pokemon GO. The video also shows possible features that the game may offer like hunting and capturing fantastic beasts, choosing your house from Hogwarts and collecting magic cards at various stops spread around the world.

While Potterheads will still have to keep dreaming about catching Hippogriffs, Flobberworms or their own Common Welsh Green, close to 50 thousand Potterheads have already signed an online petition to push through with the Harry Potter GO app. Whether Niantic will listen to these 50 thousand fans is still an Expelliarmus away, but many are hoping that their shouts will be magically heard by the top brass of the developer company.

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Pokemon GO HAS generated about $200 million in revenue, in its first month alone, so that number may be a bit of encouraging news for Niantic. Although as the Guardian reported, Pokemon GO took 20 years to make, beginning from the time the Pokemon franchise was introduced in the mid-90s. Counting back to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, that leaves Niantic and Potterheads one more year (right…) before muggles can have the world of Harry Potter in the palm of their hands (again).

Meanwhile, you can live out this fantasy by watching the fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer below. Credit to Stragaze Media who did an awesome job.

Photo Courtesy: Rev Stan/ Flickr

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