FFXV News Update: New gameplay and customization on PS4 and XBox One

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Square Enix has allowed access to the Final Fantasy gameplay on XBox during the EGX in London. Fans got a glimpse of the game’s first 40 minutes as it was streamed live.

The footage was captured by DualShockers, which they posted on their website to the delight of many fans. Those who doesn’t want some spoilers might not want to take a look at the videos.

The footages were long enough to reveal some important information about the game. One thing that fans will surely like is that FFXV allows them to fully customize the Regalia according to their preferences. Speaking of customization, players can also have a free hand dressing up Noctis and friends.

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Aside from customization, the 40-minute preview also revealed a mini-footrace on the game featuring Gladio. The game also showed a fishing but unfortunately, the game crashed and that’s how far fans were taken into the game.

Speaking of mini-games, Final Fantasy XV has a mobile game counterpart called Justice Monsters Five. This game, however, is a standalone game although part of the FFXV franchise.

Final Fantasy XV is set in a fictional world called Eos, a large planet composed of several countries, such as Tenebrae and Nifelheim. The main character of the story is Noctis accompanied by his father and his friends as they battle their enemies. Unlike other games, FFXV allows players to learn as the characters continue their journey by providing pop-ups when players encounter a new system or element in the game.

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The game features four magic elements, namely fire, ice, wild, and thunder. The ‘Wild’ magic element can be produced by combining the three other elements. Players can draw their magic from crystals which are scattered around the fantasy world of Eos. However, before players can use them, they have to craft these crystals with other elements and place them inside a flask. After that, it can be used to equip the characters.

Final Fantasy XV is confirmed for release on November 29,2016 for both the PlayStation 4 and XBox. PlayStation is offering an FFXV-themed Luna Edition slim PS4 along with a free copy of Kingsglaive.

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