Final Fantasy XV Spoilers, Updates: First look at the FFXV world, character, gameplay

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Despite a lot of delays, Final Fantasy is already confirmed to be released in November, which will be more than a month from now. While waiting for its release, here is a sneak peek of what the Final Fantasy XV universe looks like and a few hints about the gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV is set in a fictional fantasy planet called Eos, which consists of several countries, such as Altissa, Nefelheim, Tenebrae, and Lucis. The main protagonist, Noctis, is the crown prince of Lucis.

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Like in Final Fantasy X and XIII, Final Fantasy has an ability tree called the Astralsphere. Ability points can be earned by engaging your characters in battle, dialogue events, and party actions, Players can then use these points to level up or unlock new abilities.

As players go through their journey, they can discover new locations through conversation with the diner staff. These people are easy to find since there is a diner in every settlement offering their own set of menu. Once characters talk to the staff, they will mark locations on the map. These locations can be used later as havens, posts, or even parking spots for the Regalia. They can also be locations where players can mine for magic and other important elements.

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As for the gameplay, Noctis can recover his Health Point or HP by doing one of these four things. He can hide from his enemies until his HP recovers, use an item to recover himself, use the Warp Strike and teleport to higher ground to rest, or he can wait for his friends to heal him. Among these four, the last one is the deadliest because there are no guarantees how long his friends will come to his rescue.

During attacks, Noctis power can be more powerful if used in combination with one of his friends. If Noctis uses his Warp Strike and Ignis his Mark ability, they can kill a handful of enemies with just one blow. On the other hand, Prompto can release a very powerful shot using his gun while Gladiolus can land a devastating blow

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