FIFA 17 The Journey: Game disappoints; Alex Hunter sparks racism controversy

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FIFA 17 was the most awaited sport’s franchise in recent gaming history. This was more because of the FIFA 17 The Journey mode’s introduction in the game. It revolves around the protagonist Alex Hunter and his rise to Premier League super stardom.

However, did FIFA 17 The Journey do justice to it’s immense hype before release? How was Alex Hunter perceived by the gamers? Not so well it seems. While the mode does sow the seed for some great future gameplay and improvements, the present edition does look like a prototype and could feel like a monotone of similar routine, as reported by Cultured Vultures.

The main playable character, Alex Hunter however has sparked a racism controversy in the gaming world. Electronic Arts (EA), producer of the game did not include an option to change the character’s skin color. This has not gone down well with many players of the franchise. Many allegedly have stated that they cannot relate with a black protagonist, according to Fansided.

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In the history of gaming, there have been a lot of games with amazing storylines which has had poor basics. FIFA 17 The Journey suffers the same fate. While no one can argue that the game features some of the best motion capture (mo-cap) in all of gaming history, it is brought down by unrelated narratives and boring character development.

Although EA tried to provide a RPG feel to a sports game, like NBA 2k16, nothing one does changes the eventual outcome. The mode basically focuses on a regular set of drills on the training ground, followed by a match. This sometimes gets followed by a cutscene, which occasionally fails to provide any sensible direction to the story.

Meanwhile, the controversy related to the black complexion of Alex Hunter couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Football’s governing body, FIFA recently decided to disband it’s ant-racism task force. They believe that the mission of the task force has been completely met and is no longer required. However, the move has received intense criticism from the social circles.

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“The issue for me isn’t whether the task force exists. [That’s] neither here nor there. [FIFA] has to correct the misapprehension that they don’t care about these issues.” Piara Powar, executive director of the Fare Network said, as reported by VICE Sports.

With the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup coming up in Russia, this looks like a bad time for FIFA to loosen its stand on anti-racism. The country has been allegedly marked for racism previously and the recent upheaval regarding Hunter’s skin-tone could hint at the issue not being resolved yet.

Powar believes that EA is sending the right message to the society by creating Alex Hunter as their main character for FIFA 17 The Journey.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/easportsfifa

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