FIFA 17 won’t feature Iceland NT because of officials’ greed

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Iceland is the hottest national team in Europe after a great performance at the Euro 2016. But they won’t appear in EA Sports’ FIFA 17 video game due to disagreement on the use and rights of the images from the players and team.

According to Reuters, the Football Association of Iceland was offered $15,000 by EA Sports after the stint at the European Championships but the soccer national organization seemed disappointed during the negotiations.

“They were under pressure and maybe they would need more time to discuss these things but it’s about fair and open negotiations, about respect and how you deal with us,” Geir Thorteinsson, the Icelandic FA president, stated in the article.

“I feel very badly treated by this hugely profitable company.”

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Iceland got more fans after they beat England in the recent Euro championships and made the quarterfinal rounds. This was the first appearance for Iceland in the knockout stage in the history of their country.

Some players from the team are reportedly pissed with their FA’s decision not to be included in FIFA 17 with some saying it would have been an opportunity to be part of a popular product so more fans can know about their team.

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FIFA 17 will be released globally on September 27, 2016. But it would be without the Iceland soccer national team because of alleged greed from its country’s officials.

Bago Games/Flickr

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