Final Fantasy 15 release date reveals new trailer and Batmobile spaceship?

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 release date update revealed new trailer and new Batmobile spaceship. It may sounde ridiculous but Square Enix released a new trailer showing this weird spaceship shaped like the Batmobile.

This new flying craft is actually a sleek, black luxury car that can transform to a spaceship. Unfortunately, people seemed to compare the shape with Batman’s favorite car though it’s incredible transformation animations. Last year, the car was already shown on public featuring a “joyride view” while allowing the players to interact with each other.

The car also has a”tail view” to have a more zoomed out view, and a scenic view to provoke the spirit of adventure when driving. However, that was not in spacecraft shape. 

Square Enix “Final Fantasy 15” director, Hajime Tabata, revealed more details during the recent E3 game exhibition live streaming. He revealed specific details about the coming game.

According to Gematsu, Tabata mentioned about a new option to turn off the HUD. This option allowed players to experience more immersive game-play.

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In terms of the camera, theater, and coliseum modes, he stated there will be no theater mode but there would be a camera mode for “Final Fantasy 15.” Due to longer loading times, they needed to exclude the theater mode in the game. Although there would be a camera mode but there’s no option to adjust the camera distance.

Tabata said, “Currently, there is no option. Right now the camera moves automatically depending on the situation (if you’re close to enemies or far from enemies).”

“We’re using as much time as we can to fine tune the camera controls, but at some point we’ll need to decide whether we should let users manually control the camera,” he added. Regarding the gameplay difficulty, he said there will be a specific item designed and implemented specifically for players who don’t want to play a leveled up game.

Generally, the majority could expect more situations where they have to face off against a tough boss or tough enemy all throughout. For him, this is what the company saw the players love about.

With UI preference, Tabata shared that Square Enix has been working on the functionalities as well as the aesthetics. For the control layouts, the avid “Final Fantasy 15” players can choose the normal layout or the layout from “Episode Duscae.”

In terms of the game length, he cited there will be around 40 to 50 hours total gameplay. Currently, they were trying if they can extend to 100 hours and as high as 200 hours.

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“Final Fantasy 15” director noted there will be a difference between Xbox One and PS4 when it comes to the frame rate. He said, “For the Xbox One E3 demo, dynamic solution ranges between 800p to 900p, usually closer to the 900p range, and at a constant 30 frames per second.”

“For the PlayStation 4 E3 demo, it’s a dynamic range between 900p and 1080p. Most of the time, it’s about 1080p at a constant 30 frames per second,” he continued.

Airstep Sword and Engine Sword were also confirmed under development as new items. These will have their respective special functions while the DLCs remained undecided.

Surely, fans could expect “Final Fantasy 15” to arrive as PS4 and Xbox One compatible on September 30 this year.

Watch “Final Fantasy 15” new trailer below!

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