Final Fantasy 7 Remake in 2018, 2017 release date not possible

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake” release date remained a guess until now. Speculations revealed it might push through in 2018.

Though Square Enix confirmed its possible launching during Sony’s E3 Conference, many fans doubted if the game would arrive next year.

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake” publisher announced earlier about unveiling details during the E3 2016 event.

Based on their pre-E3 announcements, the possible date of the game release would go along other Final Fantasy titles like “Final Fantasy XV” and “Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age.”

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Many of the avid players expected it would arrive between 2017 and 2018. However, Square Enix revealed they’re developing “Final Fantasy XV” which will finish in 2018. Final Fantasy 7 Remake” 2018 release will likely to happen than next year. 

Square Enix promised their fans expected to have changed when it comes to the content including game logistics, visual enhancements, workarounds and even the combat style. They also said they will make a different way to release the game titles. 

It was also reported that “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” would be divided into three segments which will include prequel Crisis Core and Advent Children.

The remake would likely be similar with “Final Fantasy XIII” with its full-length games. That being said, the avid “Final Fantasy” players experience the three-way battle in the gameplay. 

They could move around independently during the in-game and have dialogues with other players would be possible.

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Like “Final Fantasy XIII,” earning treasures from the items sold during in-game, the command synergy battle, more tactical “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” could be anticipated.

With these three titles, there would also be several DLC or expansions to anticipate as well. The Bit Bag mentioned that the remake can be compatible with Xbox One and PC. Originally, “Final Fantasy 7” was a PS4 exclusive.

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