Final Fantasy XV is delayed again? Sources say game to be released end of November

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Final Fantasy XV is delayed again

Fans of Final Fantasy who are anticipating the fifteenth installment in the series will just have to add two more months to the ten year wait that they have been enduring. Word has been going around, that Final Fantasy XV is delayed again, and might see its release moved to November 29, 2016.

Rumors about the delay came in when gaming website released a report that sources from within retailer, GameStop, tipped the site off that Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV’s developer, has delayed the release until November 29. According to the site, promotional materials with the new date have already arrived at some stores, containing instructions on to hold the announcement until after August 14, Sunday.

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Kotaku and Gamespot have also reported the delay, with Kotaku also taking to social media to share the update on the game’s delay.

According to the gaming websites, while all current marketing and promotional materials of Final Fantasy XV still cite a September 30 release date, GameStop employees were already sent new materials that contain the updated release date. Based on their sources, the old displays will still be used, but stickers with the new dates will be sent to the stores to cover the old dates. Instructions on how to install the sticker was also distributed to retailers. The sample, below, was shared by Kotaku.



Despite the delay in release, Kotaku also suggested that the situation may be a good thing (except for the businessmen) since “rumors had been floating around for a while now that Final Fantasy XV was in rough shape from a technical perspective”, according to their writer Jason Schreier. The two-month delay will not only give the Final Fantasy XV team a chance to troubleshoot, but also a chance to make drastic improvements to up the ante of a highly anticipated game.

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So while Final Fantasy XV is delayed again, the two-month wait might be a nice opportunity two play Final Fantasies one to eight, maybe nine, ten, twelve, maybe thirteen and Tactics.

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