Final Fantasy XV story length revealed at E3 2016

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Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV (photo courtesy of Square Enix)

For “Final Fantasy” fans, the wait for “Final Fantasy XV” has been a long one. The game has been one of the games that has the longest development time making impatient about it. However, there seems to be hope for it as at the recent E3 2016 new details about it have emerged.

One of the details that has come out about “Final Fantasy XV” is the length of the game. “Final Fantasy XV” director Hajime Tabita has been at the panel discussion about the game. He has answered questions that came from fans, IGN reports. One of the questions that came up was how long the gameplay would be.

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In his answer Tabita said that the game’s story mode will be around 40-50 hours. This has been confirmed three months earlier by Tabita at another forum. Game Rant reported last March that at NicoNico livestream that was hosted by Famitsu, he had affirmed that gameplay would be around 50 hours. At E3 2016 he has said that the gameplay will be that long.

In detail Tabita said that there would be around 40 hours of story that players could go through. However there would also be a number of side quests and others that could be of interest to the player. If time for the side quests are factored in, players then could expect around 100 hours of gameplay and might even reach for as long as 200 hours.

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During the discussion he has also acknowledged that the fans have been waiting for news about the game for so long, Gamespot notes. The developers have made sure that fans would get the most out of that long wait with a game that have a lot of content. For many fans that is good news.

As Gamespot notes, during the discussion much of the game has been shown. There is an instance of a boss fight. There is also a hint that “Final Fantasy XV” will include VR. However, it is not yet certain when VR will be added to the game.

“Final Fantasy XV” will be coming out this Sept. 23 and would surely be a big day for many “Final Fantasy” fans.

Photo courtesy: Square Enix official

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