Nintendo Switch: Features, specs, release date, and more

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And it’s finally here. Nintendo has finally unveiled its next-gen console but surprise, surprise; it’s not the Nintendo NX as everyone is expecting , but it’s Nintendo Switch. The game is aptly called since, as the game company has promised before, it will be a crossover between a console and a handheld device.

Along with the unveiling, comes the pictures and the light and dark gray colored console holds a lot of promise. You can look at the pictures below and judge what you think of the Nintendo Switch.

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According to an expert, it can be Nintendo’s last shot at making handheld consoles considering that the Wii U received a lukewarm welcome from gamers. It was overrated and overhyped that when it came and did not meet the expectations, it died down leaving Nintendo with another casualty.

With the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch, many have high expectations since it took a long time before it became public. The design, when used as a handheld console, looks similar to the PSP but with a shade lighter than Sony’s handheld console. The controllers which are located at both sides are detachable if you want to switch to the desktop console.

For those who want to play on a bigger screen, they can dock the Nintendo Switch to connect to a TV. In case you want to play a multiplayer game with your friends outside, the controllers can be detached and used by two players.

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Nintendo also announced that the first game titles for Switch are the highly anticipated ‘Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Breath of the Wild.’ As for additional game titles, the game company revealed that big game companies including EA, Bethesda, Sega, Warner Bros, and Ubisoft have already signed up to produce software for the console.


As for the technical specs of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo said that they will reveal it soon. Switch will be released in March 2017.

Photo Courtesy: Nintendo Switch Official Facebook Page/Facebook

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