GOT Season 7 Spoilers: Daenerys will be visiting the Dragonpits in the upcoming Season 7

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Rumors and speculations are rife about what’s going to happen in GOT season 7 but the loudest is that Daenerys will visit the Dragonpits and will be in an epic battle accompanied by her dragons.

In the Song and Fire books, fans of the story have read that Daenerys visits one of the Dragonpits described as a vast building that the Targaryens used in the past to house their dragons. The book also describes that the building is all in ruins now after being destroyed

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According to the fan site Watchers on the Wall, the Mother of the Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen will appear in season 7 standing at the mouth of the ruins located on top of King’s Landing, a scene which is often used as a teaser including a dragon flying overhead. The fan site also revealed that Game of Thrones might be using one of the towns in Spain as a location for the Dragonpits.

“After seeing some of the new Spain locations for season seven, we speculated Game of Thrones might be using one for a dragon pit. There is no word yet if that site, the Roman ruins called Italica found in Santiponce, Seville, is the place where the Dragonpit will be filmed,” it said.

Meanwhile, a Spanish fan site reported via Metro said that the crew is also filming what appears to be an epic battle sequence in another Spanish town called Los Barruecos. Rumors have it that this battle will be grand in scale similar to the Battle of Bastards which happened in Season 6.

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With a full-scale battle going to happen, fans are wondering if Daenerys will unleash her full power to annihilate her enemies. The question also stands whether she will use her dragons in the battle. Some rumors say she will use one of them, but no one knows for sure whether it will be Viserion, Drogon, or Rhaegal.

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