Gamer banned from Twitch after accidentally ‘flashing her vagina’ during live streaming

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Lea May

Gamer Lea May, a very popular live streamer who goes by the name of LegendaryLeahas been banned from Twitch after being accused of flashing her vagina during her live broadcast.

The 26-years-old Californian girl was playing Dark Souls as thousands of viewers online watched on via her Twitch channel. But her last broadcast has caused a stir when she sits up and lifts her leg, accidentally showing her vagina to her fans.

To some viewers watching at that live streaming, May appears to have completely exposed herself. May was quickly banned from the live streaming service, with the statement shared by Twitch to her viewers: “the community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.” The popular gamer from San Diego, California has been banned for 30 days from live streaming.

May is not happy about the Twitch’s decision and claimed that all she flashed was a bit of thigh. May has now taken to social media to explain what really happened and denies allegation about her footage, which shows her private parts.

Despite her explanation, May has still banned from live streaming service, which sets to last for about 30 days. Some viewers accuse May of staging the incident for drawing more attention, with one fan wrote a statement: “I understand it’s a business and all so that flirty and flashy stuff is whatever, but lea has gone too far.”

But some viewers have also rallied around Lea May to express support.


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