GTA 5 Mods, Release Date, Update: Real Rage, Red-Dead Redemption gang hideouts, refined weapons added in gameplay; GTA 6 in 2020

GTA 5 mod release date updates
Rockstar Games has released varied GTA 5 mods. These improvements are for weapons, gang hideouts and gameplay experience. GTA 6 in 2020 expected as well.

It seems that Rockstar Games has been a bit busy with releasing several GTA 5 mods lately. Real Rage, Red-Dead Redemption gang hideouts and improved guns were released.

Avid Grand Theft Auto players will certainly enjoy the game with utmost gaming experience as usual. This is all due to the series of bettering mods released. This appears to be the mission for Rockstar. Just like any other game, releasing various improvements for this particular game is essential.

This leads to Real Rage mod which entails a number of tweaks in the gameplay as well as enhancements on features and mechanics are made. These compose of the maps, texture updates and packs which are created to make a overhaul in the entire GTA 5 gaming.

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This is in relation to realism, depth and vibrancy. These are the top three mission of Rockstar Games for GTA 5. Hence, little improvements just the one mentioned is formulated.

In terms of the missions, latest add-ons and features to the gang hangout as well as the weapons to use are updated. Red-Dead Redemption mod is made for an improved gang hideouts within the duration of the game.

According to the download source description, there are several changes made from all the missions. See the full description here. 

In order to see the fullest potential of this mod, the players should download the Refined Weapons and Gameplay which is available here as well. The weapons are fully-loaded with advancements depending upon the caliber they use. What is more interesting, there is a guaranteed lesser reloading for each weapon and the amount of reserve ammo is also reduced.

Moreover, the accuracy of the cops and gangs are now more realistic compared to the older versions. The combat efficiency is also assured in this mod. More gameplay features and other special components are all packed into one downloadable mod.

In the meantime, GTA 6 is rumored to release in 2020 instead of having the new game in 2018. Based from various sources, it will have more expanded maps, new characters and plotline. There might be a femal protagonist to arrive as well.

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N4BB mentioned that the said game will be playable in PS5 and Xbox Two with a promise to have more realistic adventures than GTA 5. Yet, Rockstar Games has been silent about its development in the moment.

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