Halo Wars 2 open beta leaked before E3, info already out on Xbox Game Store?

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Halo Wars 2
Halo Wars 2 title shot (photo courtesy of 343 Industries/Creative Assembly/Microsoft)

E3 2016 won’t be until next week, yet there some surprises might have already become less so as some people leak out information ahead of the event. One of those that have been leaked out is the open beta date for “Halo Wars 2.” The announcement is supposed to be on E3 2016 but then a tipster has put it out well ahead before that time.

According to TechnoBuffalo someone tipped NeoGAF user Spider_Jerusalem about the game on Xbox Live’s Major Nelson’s profile. On that profile can reportedly be seen the date on which the open beta would be held. The tip first came out on Italian gaming site which was then followed up by the NeGAF user.

IGN also reports that a similar page seems to show the same thing. It says that there are pages on Xbox’s Game Store that Mondo Xbox has found to show when the “Halo Wars 2” open beta would be held. The open beta is said to start on June 13 and will be until June 20. Incidentally the Microsoft press conference on E3 2016 will also be on June 13.

TechnoBuffalo speculates that Microsoft will first show “Halo Wars 2” and following the press conference will then tell how the open beta would be. However much of the surprise might be gone with the information leaked. Or actually not, given that the dates have been on Xbox’s Game Store already. It just took a bit of looking around by some people to figure that out.

It is not certain though if the open beta would also be for the PC. As of now it just seems to be for the Xbox One but given that there are as much PC gamers, it is likely that open beta for it would also come soon. For now though it is cautioned that much of the information is rumor. Though with the dates already posted on the Xbox Game Store, it’s just a matter of Microsoft formally announcing it on E3 2016.

Photo courtesy: 343 Industries/Creative Assembly/Microsoft

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