Hello Games to finally update No Man’s Sky; Base-building update to release this week

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Hello Games built huge hype for its survival video game No Man’s Sky for years. The game developer promised an endless space exploration to a lot of its fans. But due to numerous technical problems, negative reviews, lackluster and repetitive gameplay, the game plummeted to an overwhelmingly negative level in the months following its release.

When the game made its debut in August, some players thought that their expectations were unfairly built up. They thought that the game was not what Hello Games promised it would be. However, there were some players who sympathized with the game, waiting for something gigantic to happen. In the end, no one was happy.

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Players scorched No Man’s Sky’s review page on the world’s largest digital-game store, Steam. The game developer, however, largely went silent, except for the occasional bug fixes and announcements.

But all of the changed when Hello Games issued its first major announcement since the game’s launch. On Friday, the developer announced that a new major update will come to No Man’s Sky in the not-too-distant future. Called The Foundation Update, it will bring the underpinnings of base building, a most-requested feature, to No Man’s Sky.

What is base building?

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The idea is simple: Players can build a home or a base on a specific planet they discovered. Like Minecraft, players gather materials and use them to build a furnished home or base. The same concept applies here, although it is unclear exactly how it will work.

An excerpt from the developer’s statement says it “won’t be our biggest update, but it will be the start of something.” According to Business Insider, the recent major update lays the groundwork for bigger changes in the game. “This is putting in place a foundation for things to come,” the announcement said.

Details of the exact release timing of the update have not yet given, with the only wording used is “soon.” No Man’s Sky is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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