Here’s the reason Ditto is so important for Pokemon Go

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Pokemon GO recently adds Ditto as a new species in its pocket monsters lineup. It would be a last-ditch effort for Niantic to make its players open up Pokemon GO for the first time since July.

This marks as an important occasion on a struggling sensation. Ditto is the last of the non-legendary original Pokémon introduced into the game. It is also the end of a long guessing game on the part of the Pokemon players.

Ditto is the first Pokemon in the game since its launch. That marks a major milestone as the game prepares to release more pocket monsters either in groups or piecemeal, according to Forbes.

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The outlet reports that this is not the only new content the players got since launch. Aside from the regular series of tweaks to gyms, Niantic gave appraisals, catch-bonuses for medals, buddy system and various other gameplay systems.

However, all of those are just lateral additions. Ditto represents something that appeals to hardcore level 40 Pokemon players. It’s something new to them, a key to bring them back into playing the game once more.

Adding Ditto is an important distinction. Lateral content is only great at launch, but not so important for advanced players. By adding a new Pokemon, it might make players stick around and stretch out towards that next level.

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The new endgame content is what’s going to prove the next major testing ground for Pokemon GO. Especially since there’s no other meaningful progression mechanic available yet.

Ultimately, the game needs new endgame content as it brings players back, as much as it needs lateral content as it keeps them there. Perhaps the best path forward is to integrate new mechanics in the form of single-player gym battles and PvP battling. Once that’s in place, new Pokémon can lure lapsed players back to a better game.

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