Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Update: E3 2016 reveal details on game’s future

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Sora riding Baymax in Kingdom Hearts 3 promo Iphoto courtesy of Square Enix/Disney Interactive Studios)

Despite much anticipation about “Kingdom Hearts 3,” fans of the game will likely not see it featured at E3 2016. Square Enix has not scheduled any presentation for the game from June 13 until June 16, which is the course of E3 2016.

According to Crossmap, near the end of the trailer of “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,showed” a caption has come out which states that upcoming announcements would be coming this winter. Along with that caption, is the logo for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

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It is speculated that the game will likely be featured at Disney’s own D23 Expo, as Breathe Cast reports. However, the D23 Expo hardly falls in winter. Another speculation is that it might likely come out at the Sony PlayStation Experience, which will be released in December. The released could also be done online, though given how Disney and even Square Enix go for big events, that might be unlikely.

Ecumenical News states that fans might still ask about the game on a panel discussion with Tai Yasue, co-director for “Kingdom Hearts.” The Q&A will mainly be about the gameplay and walkthrough for “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” but fans will likely bring up the issue in that event. The Q&A will be happening on June 15.

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While there won’t be any news about “Kingdom Hearts 3” this E3 2016, there is still “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue” which will be presented during the said event. Its trailer has shown some aspects of the game and more will be revealed during E3 2016.

“Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8” is expected to be released this December for PlayStation 4. “Kingdom Hearts 3” won’t be coming out soon, and with Square Enix skipping E3 2016, the game will likely have a 2017 release. Rumor has it that it might come out in April 2017 or possibly later.

Photo courtesy: Square Enix/Disney Interactive Studios

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