The Last of Us 2 Release Date and Rumors: Upcoming game sequel to be released in PS4 Pro first; Remastered version runs worse on PS4 Pro

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With news that The Last of Us 2 is finally in the works, rumors are starting to circulate about its details.
The latest of which claims that the upcoming game is going to be released on PS4 Pro first. The idea seemed to stem from the release of the remastered version of The Last of Us on PS4 Pro.

Three years have passed since The Last of Us was released for PlayStation 3 by game developer Naughty Dog. Fans began to clamor for its sequel and finally the game developer buckled. According to Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog’s programmer and creative director, the sequel is reportedly in the works.

An interview with The Frame confirmed that the game is in a developmental stage. However, reports suggest that the projected timeframe of its release will be sometime in 2021. The developer is said to be focusing on the Uncharted DLC first before they can start working on The Last of Us 2.

According to the University Herald, the upcoming sequel is going to be released on the latest Sony console. The outlet notes that due to the remastered version of its original game being released on the said console, The Last of Us 2 is expected to also get the same treatment.

However, reports are swirling that The Last of US Remastered is not doing well on the PS4 Pro. According to Polygon, the game doesn’t hold up at 60 frames per second. They found out that when the game is set on 1800p resolution, it can’t maintain 60fps. It also regularly declines to 54fps. The enhanced performance becomes useless as a result.

Game experts concluded that the jump to 1800p was too ambitious for Naughty Dog. The good thing though is that the PS4 Pro can run the game at a native 4K resolution if the graphics setting of the frame rate is lowered at 30fps. This may be the reason why The Last of Us 2 might be released on PS4 Pro first to appease the fans.

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