Minecraft Pocket Edition Oculus Rift support only available on Windows 10; Microsoft guarantees impressive building experience

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Oculus Rift support available Microsoft
Minecraft Pocket Edition Oculus Rift support is made available for avid building gamers. Microsoft adds new features. Xbox Live support adapts it as well.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Oculus Rift support is already made available for the avid players around the globe. Its stunning popularity leads to a futuristic and much improved gaming experience.

The game is considered one of the best ever developed. Hence, there is a need to enhance the gaming experience for its avid players.

To improve the gameplay, Minecraft Pocket Edition adds Oculus Rift support to allow players see better graphics. Hence, great 3D building modes are expected.

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Microsoft intends to add this feature in the game to create an impressive and more enjoyable building experience for the players.  It might be a bit expensive for some. But a great experience is guaranteed.

NeuroGadget reports its intensified adventures since this new feature was added. According to the source, more various improvements are yet for official announcement.

While the Oculus Rift becomes the new partner for the game, Xbox Live Support tries to adapt the same changes in behalf of the Xbox users.

This is because the said console remains their support capability to Minecraft Realms. In this version, players can merely build their worlds while playing with friends.

The same source stresses the necessity for a latest version of Microsoft OS as well. The company advised players to upgrade to Windows 10. In fact, they offer it for free for a limited time.

Setting aside the features, acquiring an Oculus Rift for a VR experience for Minecraft Pocket Edition is a concern. Yahoo cites its cost which reaches $599. For orders, they have to wait for around 2 to 4 business days before it arrives.

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The price itself does not include the cost of a computer which is responsible for processing as well as the graphic demands of the game.

The report specifies its availability as well. Oculus Rift is accessible exclusively in Microsoft stores while the headsets inBest Buy retail outlet locations.

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