Minecraft Update: 106 million copies sold! What’s next?

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Photo courtesy: Facebook/Minecraft

Is Minecraft the most popular game ever? It’s making its case in the year of 2016 as the makers announced that they have already hit 106 million in sales as of early June and the the users just keep on adding up.

Minecraft is described as a “sandbox construction game” created by Mojang AB. Players can build structures and create virtually anything using different types of blocks.

According to the official Minecraft site, the game has already sold more than 106,859,714 copies to date, total from various gadgets and consoles like X-Box, PC, Mac, PlayStation and Wii, among others.

The Minecraft site also posted some cool infographics about the latest achievement of the game, reposted below:

Photo courtesy: Official Minecraft website

Photo courtesy: Official Minecraft website

The creators also thanked their users and fans for helping them achieve the 100M-users feat.

“We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to every one of you who’s bought Minecraft over the past few years, no matter which platform you play on. We’re constantly in awe of our community and the amazing things you achieve together. You really are the best,” Minecraft creators posted.

In other Minecraft updates, the “Battle Mini Game” will be available for free in the Console Edition soon.

“We’re calling it Battle. It’s a last-minecrafter-standing deathmatch and the first of a number of mini games we’ll be releasing, designed to help players compete under cool and crazy rule sets with minimum fuss,” the official site described the new minigame in the website.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Minecraft

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