Minecraft Update: boss battles, add-ons customization and free MC worlds downloads

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Photo courtesy: Facebook/Minecraft

The highly anticipated next Minecraft update will involve a lot of new features including “boss battles” and a reportedly revamped fighting format between characters and the mobs. Mojang announced at the Minecon in California that the Boss Update will be released October 18.

The official blog of Mojang, the creators of the very popular video game, reported that “Add-Ons” implementation would be the next big thing since gamers can now further customize many key features both in Minecraft Pocket Edition and PC/Windows 10.

“They let you remix mobs, switching out the models, textures and behaviours. Rideable chickens! Ultra-explosive pigs! Etc! It’s pretty simple to grasp – all of these components can be tweaked and swapped by editing text files – but it’s also super powerful, as demonstrated by the elaborate Alien Invasion Add-On we first showed at E3,” Marsh Davies from stated.

“Now we can reveal that SethBling, Blockworks and MindCrack have collaborated to produce a second example Add-On, called Castle Siege. A massive battle rages and you can pick either side: defend the fort from the mob horde or join the monsters and crash the keep!”

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The blog post also revealed that there’d be more “slash commands” to use to summon things and even for teleportation and changing blocks. The realms are reportedly capable of being importing/exporting realms as well.

Video courtesy: YouTube/TeamMojang

The Mojang site also plans to update a page where players can see guides on how to customize the new add-ons. It states that the basic purpose is for players to transform the look of their worlds easily as well as change the behavior of the mobs in-game. Two themes, Alien Invasion and Castle Siege are the first two featured add-ons though it’s not available yet.

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Meanwhile, Venture Beat reports that the Minecraft Boss Update will also be available for Minecraft Pocket edition both on IOS and Android for release this October.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Minecraft

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