‘NBA 2K16’ Locker Codes Generator, Cheats and Game Update

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The Warriors have done it! They make NBA history starting a season 16-0! Incredible. (Photo Courtesy: 2k/Instagram)

“NBA 2K16” is the best basketball video game ever made. Many gamers want new locker codes, but almost all those that can be found on the internet has already expired. Luckily, there is a locker codes generator website that gives away free VC after completing a series of steps.

Players can visit the NBA 2K16 Locker Codes site and just follow the instructions. The NBA locker codes generator is safe to use with features like the anti-ban system and proxy system.

“I couldn’t believe it actually worked. Well, it was free after all, so I decided to give it a try, either way, it turned out way better than what I was expecting. I got a free Locker Code with diamond,” one the users commented.

The locker codes are updated every six hours with a special algorithm being used so that no one will get a non-working code. For more details, you can watch the video below.

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On the other hand, NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang and gameplay producer Scott O’Gallagher recently appeared on the Press Row Podcast and discussed the challenge of making Stephen Curry more realistic in the game.

“Generally, taking deep shots, 30-35 feet, or shooting in traffic, or shooting off the dribble, we naturally penalize those things. Everyone in the league more or less gets penalized in kind of the same way, as they take these bad shots,” Wang said.

Wang also mentioned that the improvement on Curry’s shooting range will probably happen on “NBA 2K17.” However, gamers will be thrilled to hear that a new patch may be available sometime this May 2016.

“We are talking about possibly doing another patch. If it happens, it probably happens closer to May. It’s important that whatever we do we have a way to tune it or fix it even after the fact without another patch,” Wang said.

Photo Courtesy: 2K/Instagram

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